My name is Georg Fischer (04.01.1940), born in Vienna, Austria.

A short story about this web-site. It is the second web-site about old Tibetan scripts I have published. The first named
and include the full explanation of Indian scripts in Tibet. The content: Lantsha, Vartu in contradicton to Ranjana script, ZhangZhung script and some old Bon-Scripts.

Many trips to Tibetan and Indian monasteries opend up new resources of different special and uncommon monastery scripts from old Lamas. Searching for materials I bought in Lhasa a lot of old Tibetan pechas and in that a thin booklet with 20 pechas of old Tibetan „kin code scripts“. During composing the Lantsha-Web-site I set the dakini scripts aside for several times. In the meantime I came to read several translations of many Dzogchen texts especially the Yang Zab Chen po texts of the Drikung Kagyüd pa tradition. I have no doubt that many of the Dzogchen teachings go back into the eight century to Padmasambhava and to Uddiyana.

This inspired my interest in various Terma scripts and all the different pechas I brought from China. Especially the 20 pechas, that came written in alphabetical correspondence to Tibetan Script. It was the emotion that these scripts indicates the events of the ancient time when Guru Rinpoche was alive and gave the teachings.

If there are hidden texts written in these scripts the publishing of the symbolic scripts opens the possibility for the public to reflect again and again on the words and meaning of the teachings.

This was my main intention for publishing this Web-site.
If you are interested in my budhhist background click the and see under biography.

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