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See this dakini script in a proper calligraphic style.

This chart with alphabet ( Nr.13 ) consists of all consonants and as a sample the consonant "r" attached by vowels (dbyangs) (pecha 05) and examples of the tibetan consonant stacks "kya, kra, kla, kva"(conjuncts or clusters).

Download the keyboard mapping of dakini script Nr.13 u72104ttf.tabelle.pdf [86 KB]
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If you will print the sings after downloading the ttf.files you can use the full keyboard-mapping vokalu72118.pdf [495 KB] (PDF-File with 18 pages)

Download the ttf.files u7210.ttf [107 KB] ,u7211.ttf [130 KB] ,u7212.ttf [122 KB] ,u7213.ttf [66 KB] .

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